Saturday, November 1, 2008

Republicans for Obama

In addition to Colin Powell, other prominent Republicans have chosen to endorse Obama. (Of course, a prominent Democrat--Joe Liebermann--has endorsed McCain. But the movement has been much more in Obama's direction.)

Good sources on this phenomenon include, "The Moderate Voice," and "The Jed Report" (though this one adds Republicans who still endorse McCain but have been critical of some of his decisions).

Here's a partial list of those who have actually endorsed Obama:

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jim Leach, Former Congressman from Iowa
Lincoln Chafee, Former United States Senator from Rhode Island
William Weld, Former Governor of Massachusetts
Arne Carlson, Former Governor of Minnesota
Wayne Gilchrest, Congressman from Maryland
Charles Mathias, Former United States Senator and Congressman from Maryland
Larry Pressler, Former Senator from South Dakota
Richard Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Lowell Weicker, Former Governor and Senator from Connecticut
Claudine Schneider, Former Congressman from Rhode Island
Harris Fawell, Former Congressman from Illinois
Jim Whitaker, Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor
William Milliken, Former Governor of Michigan
Phil Arthurhultz, Former Michigan State Senate Majority Leader
Linwood Holton, Former Governor of Virginia
Ken Duberstein, White House Chief of Staff under Reagan
Douglas Kmiec, Head of the Office of Legal Counsel under Reagan & Bush (the 1st one)
Charles Fried, Solicitor General of the United States under Reagan and a conservative economist
Susan Eisenhower, Granddaughter of President Eisenhower
Francis Fukuyama, Advisor to President Reagan
Larry Hunter, Former President Reagan Policy Advisor
Scott McClellan, Former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush
Ken Adelman, Served in the Ford administration
Lilibet Hagel, Wife of Republican Senator Chuck Hagel
George C. Lodge, Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Eisenhower
William B. Ewald, Jr., Special Assistant under President Eisenhower
Richard S. Seline, Finance Director, Republican Party of Texas
David Caprara, Faith-Based Initiatives Director, Federal Volunteer Service Agency under Bush (the 2nd one)
John Perry Barlow, Former Dick Cheney Campaign Manager
David Friedman, Economist and son of Milton and Rose Friedman
Christopher Buckley, Son of National Review founder William F. Buckley and former National Review columnist
C C Goldwater, Granddaughter of Barry Goldwater

Another prominent Republican to go at least part way is Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He and Obama have worked together on legislation to keep loose nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands.

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