Friday, November 7, 2014

When I turned 64: Guest list

For any who are interested, here's the list of all who attended my 64th birthday party on November 3, 2014.  (If you know of anyone I left out, please let me know.)  The list totals 52, including 3 who came very briefly; also an infant and 3 very young children, as well as a few who were older.

Margaret Blair Young
Bruce Young (that would be me)

Rob (my son)

Jules (Julia Young, my daughter) and her boyfriend, Travis Wagstaff

Victoria and Henry Lisowski

Yoko Stevenson

Sheila & Branden Kennedy, and their sons T. J. & Justice Krein

Dell Blair

Jenette Blair
Nkoyo Iyamba (briefly)
Melody Newey

The Scovilles: Caleb, Amy, and Kimball

Matt Sabey

The Elwoods: Mary, Rod, Rowen

Ed Carter (briefly)
Marlena Smith (briefly)
Malea and James Schmitt plus 2 kids
Paul and Katee Westover plus 3 kids (sorry I don't remember all their names)
Daniel Sabey
Josh & Sarah Sabey
Brian & Dia Sabey & baby
Emily Adams & husband Trent
Zina & Boyd Petersen
Daniel Muhlestein

Phil & Delys Snyder

Gideon Burton & wife
Pat Madden
Traci & Sophie Blair

I believe I got birthday wishes from another 50 or so via Facebook or text or phone calls.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness and for coming to my party!

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